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So Long, Juicy

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013


This Monday, I attended a memorial service for a man I didn’t know very well, but well enough to know he’d be missed. Dave “Juicy” Foreman was a sound engineer I’d met through some of the many musicians with whom he worked over the years. He and I talked briefly – which I took as a sign he was busy, since Dave loved to talk – at performances where he was running the sound, and somewhat longer at one or two parties. Like I said, I didn’t know him well, but he left an impression.

Juicy was as much a contradiction as anyone else: a quiet man who talked a lot, imposingly big yet full of gentleness and urgency. Most of all, he had presence, the kind that changes a room. When he worked a concert, he really did change the entire space. He was as integral to the performance as the musicians on stage. It was a sight, watching him stand behind a huge console with his Cincinnati Reds hat, big glasses, and (if weather permitted, and sometimes when it didn’t) cargo shorts, coaxing the dials and judging the result – and when the music hit its groove, how he’d close his eyes and mouth the word “Mercy!” (more…)